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What are Mix Volume Lashes?

Mix Volume Lashes are created by mixing classic and volume lashes. Classic Lashes are thicker and longer which allows them to create well-defined points. The volume lashes are usually shorter and are used to create a fluffy, layered look.

Typically, there is a 50/50 mix of the two types of lashes. A single Classic lash will be placed on a natural lash and next to it, a fan of 2-3 volume lashes will be attached to the next natural lash.

What do Mix Volume Lashes Look Like?

Volume lash extensions are highly customizable both for density and length. For Mixed Volume, they are characterized by a fluffy appearance from the volume lashes while still having well defined tips from the Classic Lashes.

Mixed Volume Lashes are also sometimes known as American Volume Lashes or Kardashian Lashes. This is because the style was popularized by style icon Kim Kardashian. Her look is synonymous with these lush lashes that instantly glam up any makeup look. Though she is the celebrity most known for this style, she is far from the only celebrity to wear them. This popularity speaks to how versatile and beautiful these lashes are.

These are usually an even mix of both but this can be customized depending on your desired look and the shape of your eyes. For individuals with naturally dense lashes, it may be optimal to cover less of the lashes with extensions as the result may be too heavy.

Customizing Your Perfect Mix Volume Eyelash Extensions

When it comes to Mix Volume Lashes, there are as many combinations as there are people who love them. While there are some basic ratios and shapes to go by, the final product is highly customizable.

Ways to customize your Mix Volume Eyelash Extensions Include:

Ratio of Classic to Mixed: 50/50 mix is common but not a hard and fast rule. If you want more definition, consider more classic. However, if you want a more dense, layered result, choose more volume lashes.

Length: Your eyelashes can safely support lashes up to 3 mm longer than their natural length. This can give you a wide range of options when choosing the length of your volume and classic lashes. Maximizing the classic lashes while leaving the volume lashes to be near your natural length can create an especially unique spiky or fringed effect.

Style: Lash extensions can be formatted to follow the length variations in your natural lashes or they can be shaped into Glamourous, Cat Eye or Doll Eye variations. Glam eyes keep a similar length across the whole eyelid for an exceptionally dramatic effect. Cat Eyes put longer lashes on the outside corner of your eyes while Doll Eyelashes concentrate the longest lashes near the center of the eyelid. Playing with volume and classic lashes in any of these styles can further personalize your results.

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American Vs Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Mix volume lash extensions are often known as American Volume because they offer a different style compared to Russian Volume Lashes. Russian Volume Lashes also have a distinct look characterized by a dense, layered lash that is uniformly rounded, Because the Russian variation does not include the addition of classic lashes, the result is a solid shape without the defined points of the Mixed American Volume.

Both create a dramatic and very full look. However, the American Volume Lash has a more natural shape with its staggered edge.

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Expert Volume Lash Extension Consultation

With so many options, it can be hard to choose. The strength, thickness and length of your natural lashes will also factor into what type of extensions will work for you. The expert technicians at OPlashes are here to help. Schedule your consultation and we will ask key questions about your lash goals to customize a Mix Volume Lashes set perfect for you.

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