Henna eyebrows create a soft, semi-permanent fill for your brows.

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Powder Tattoo Eyebrow Shaping – 21st Century trend for ultimate eyebrow architecture

Is it your desire to have naturally looking, rich and full-bodied eyebrows? Then your solution is Powder Tattoo Eyebrow Shaping – breakthrough technology and method utilized by the finest beauty and cosmetology salons.

After a light preparation effort, you will experience the application of pigmentation to the previously constructed eyebrow architecture area with use of an industry-leading pigmentation appliance. Some would consider this an apparatus-based procedure; others say this is a hand application method; finally, some have equated this procedure to traditional tattoo art application. To clarify this misconception, please note that powder pigmentation is applied via an electronic device that resembles in shape and function of a marker or highlighter. The tip of the device is, in fact, equipped with a needle like applicator, function of which is to gently deposit the powdering pigment into the outer layers of skin surface (epidermis).

Unlike traditional tattoo art, in which ink is deposited into the deeper layers of skin (dermis), this procedure is minimally invasive. There is no bleeding, scarring, or scabbing experienced by the patients during or after the procedure; therefore, there is no trauma to the skin surface, in contrast to procedures such as cosmetic tattoo or microblading. As a result, from the lens of safety and side effects – powder tattoo shaping nowadays is the optimal approach to eyebrow architecture.

Curious to know what you can expect as a result?

· Coverage of all eyebrow bald spots and areas of thinness
· Full body and volume; resilient colour/shade matched to your typology
· Shape and architecture optimized for the characteristics of your face and expression
· No need for daily application of make up
· Longevity in eyebrow colour and significantly reduced discolouration

We are confident that you will be amaze

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Henna brows can typically be done in as little as 30 minutes. Schedule your consultation with an OPLashes technician to see if this treatment is right for you.

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Benefits of Henna Eyebrow Tint

Safety: Dying eyebrows can be a difficult process as the dyes must be strong enough to dye the hairs but safe enough to use near the eyes and on a sensitive area of skin. On average, henna eyebrow tint is much gentler and safer than any other hair dye formula.

It is worth noting that caution must still be practiced. As with any product, there is the chance of having an allergic reaction so a patch test prior to the treatment is recommended. Darker shades of henna also contain PPD, an ingredient that can cause skin irritation for some users.

Semi-Permanent: Henna eyebrows provide a compromise between daily eyebrow application and more permanent methods like microblading and eyebrow tattooing. This can be a way to test permanent eyebrows before committing.

Great for Vacations: No one wants to waste precious minutes of vacation time fussing with eyebrow application. Henna eyebrows, because they last a few weeks, can provide a way to take back that vacation time. As the brows fade you can also use the outline to more easily apply your brow makeup. This ensures you have hassle free, gorgeous brows throughout your whole vacation.

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benefits of henna eyebrow tint
are eyebrows henna right for you

Are Eyebrows Henna Right for You?

Henna brows are a safe, natural product that can work well for a variety of skin and hair types. However, they are not always for everyone. The look tends to be more solid than other eyebrow application methods which might not be your preferred look. We do recommend them for the following reasons:

For Use as a Template: One of the best uses of henna brows is as a shape guide for people with sparse brows. Laying in this color gives you a template to fill in with your preferred brow products. This makes it much easier to get the even, balanced results you want. .

Freshening Old Permanent Makeup: Permanent makeup, despite the name, is not 100% permanent. For eyebrow tattoos, you will tend to see fading after a  few years. Henna brows have a similar look to some tattoos and the treatment can be used to add color back and extend the life of your permanent brows.

Henna Before You Microblade: Unsure if microblading is right for you? Henna brows can give you a preview that will let you see if permanent brows work for your lifestyle. While the look is not exactly the same, it does provide a similar experience and will let you experiment with eyebrow shape.

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Is Henna Only for Brown Hair?

While henna was once only available in an orangish brown tone, it is now available in more than a dozen colors. This ranges from blonde all the way to black. Our range of available shades can be further customized by combining two of more pigments. This ensures you get a beautiful match that complements your hair and skin tone.

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is henna only for brown hair

When Should I Get Henna Brows Done Before a Big Event?

While every precaution is taken to ensure you get a great result from your henna brows, it is not recommended that you have this treatment right before an important event. This is because the final look can vary and change after you leave the salon. For some people, the color may simply not show up that well on their skin.

Instead, plan to have your henna brows done a week or so before. If you do not like the result, this will give it time to fade. You can also practice using the henna as a template so you can better fix your brows on the day of your event.

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Caring for Your Henna Brows

Henna is not intended to last permanently and most clients will get a max of two weeks. However, there are things you can do to keep the look as long as possible:

Wash Gently: Ideally, you will not put any cleansing products on the henna until you want to remove it. If you must wash, avoid rubbing or using abrasive materials against your skin.

Avoid Excess Moisture: Swimming and hitting the sauna are not guaranteed to erase your henna, but they are likely to speed along how quickly it disappears. If your aim is to keep your brows as long as possible, avoid these activities.

Apply Brow Fix: Brow fix solution helps to maintain eyebrows and also to condition the skin to better retain pigment. Apply a brow fix daily to maximize how long your brows last.

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