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Master Your Craft with Master Classes

Our listed classes give you the basis for a career in providing some of the most sought after aesthetic treatments. Our Master Classes take it steps further to teach you advanced techniques to offer your clients even more range.

Benefits of Master Classes

  • Special Certification
  • Offer More Customized Services
  • Get one-on-one instruction
  • Increase your hands on experience
  • Networking and Skillbuilding

Student-Driven Instruction

When you choose an OPLashes eyelash extension course or any of our other courses, you get instruction that is designed to be engaging and focus on your skillbuilding. Our student-driven approach ensures you are presented with multiple ways to learn and one-on-one interaction with your instructor.

This also allows you to get a feel for the way clients will move and react while treatments are performed. During your hands-on instruction time, you will have the opportunity to test techniques that will optimize results and minimize discomfort. You will also learn more about how to speak with clients to ensure you are addressing their needs and recommending treatments that are customized to their hair and/or skin type.

Our goal is to make you comfortable, confident and ready to provide excellent service to your clients!

Expert Instruction and Demonstration

With OPLashes Courses you get expert instruction and demonstration from an experienced OPLashes Technician. This allows students to get real world advice and tips for how best to perform techniques and interact with clients.

  • One-on-One Instruction: Your instructor is available to answer questions and help you work through any trouble areas.
  • Evaluation and Feedback: Get feedback on your coursework including what classes you should take next and areas you should concentrate on improving.
  • Industry Insider Information: Expert instruction from a working technician gives you an inside look on how to interact with clients and how to provide the best service possible.

Getting Started

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Work with Live Models

Each class offers a theoretical component and demonstration, but hands-on experience is where you really start to hone your craft. This is why each OPLashes course includes work with live models under the supervision of your instructor. This is the ideal way to get experience while also having guidance to ensure you and your model get the best experience.

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Stack Your Courses

Many OPLashes courses can be taken simultaneously. Stack your courses to get trained and certified faster. Stacking courses can help you fit more classes into a busy schedule and help you see how each service fits together and what treatments can be done at the same time. This will help you to better recommend to clients how they can stack their treatments.

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Flexible Scheduling

Many of our courses are designed to be taken consecutively to optimize retention and learning. We understand that sometimes this may not be possible though and do offer flexible class scheduling. You can take some classes at the same time or space them out. If you expect to have a conflicting schedule, we recommend you discuss this with us prior to signing up.  The earlier we are informed, the more flexibility we can offer in your scheduling.

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Our Courses

Learn your craft and how to speak with clients to understand their needs and how to provide the best personalized treatment.

Classic EyeLash Extension Course Toronto

3 day course

Master the lash extensions that started it all. Classic lashes are classic for a reason and there is still a market for this lash type. Learning classic lash extension will also give you the basis for learning how to do new and trendy volume lash styles.

In our Classic Eyelash Extension Course, Toronto students will learn how to apply individual lashes and the basics of how to match clients to their perfect lash type. Learn about proper sanitation, expert tools, lash safety and more from your OPLashes expert technician instructor.

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Lash Lift

1 day course

Lash Lift and Tint treatments are an increasingly popular service that lets clients give their own lashes a boost. It is essentially a perm for your eyelashes. This can be a lower maintenance alternative to lash extensions for clients whose lifestyles may not work well with extensions.

In this course, learn how to apply each of the key products that will give your clients a semi-permanent curl to their lashes. You will also learn about aftercare and maintenance to better prepare your clients.

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Ideal Volume Eyelash Extension Course Toronto

1 day master class

Learn how to provide the Ideal Volume Extension Lashes for your clients. In this Master Eyelash Extension Course, you will get 1-day intensive instruction on how to expertly apply and customize 2D, 3D and Mix Volume Lashes.

This course builds on the knowledge learned in the Classic Lash Class to round out your education on the best in lash extension styles and practices. After this course, you will know how to apply both Russian and American Volume Lashes.

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Nano Brows Powder Tattoo

2 day course

Nano Brows Powder Tattoo gives your clients a beautiful, consistent brow combined with the softness of powder for a more natural look. In this course, you will learn how to use the Nano technology to precisely tattoo your clients’ eyebrows to achieve this beautiful airbrushed look.

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Nano Eyeliner Powder Tattoo

1 day course

Nano Eyeliner uses precise technology to consistently inject pigmentation into the lash line to create a powdery, traditional makeup look. This course teaches you how to use this technology and best safety practices.

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Nano lips

1 day course

Learn how to give your clients gorgeous semi-permanent lipstick with our Nano Lips course. This course uses the same technology as the eyeliner and eyebrow tattoos and includes instruction on how best to contour lips and how to select pigment.

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