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What Are Classic Lash Extensions?

Classic lash extensions work on a 1:1 ratio, meaning 1 synthetic lash is attached to each natural lash. The lashes used in classic lash sets are 0.15mm thickness. This is 30% thicker than those used in 2D Lashes and 50% thicker than 3D Lashes. While those other lash types create volume with a layering of thinner lashes, Classic Lashes rely on thicker individual lashes to create their look.

How do Classic Set Lashes Look?

The look of classic lashes is often compared to having quality mascara but without the hassle of having to reapply or worry about it smudging. Volume and coverage will depend on your natural lashes because the number of lashes attached will be determined by how many natural lashes you have.

If you have naturally dense lashes, classic lashes can often create enough volume to produce a look similar to fluffier styles of extensions. Overall, they will create a fairly natural look with great definition, meaning individual lashes stand out versus forming a dense fan shape the way other styles tend to do.

Classic Lash Extensions give you a fresh, natural look that requires no extra eye makeup for a nice daytime look. Add an extension safe mascara and eyeliner for a more dramatic or special occasion look .

Who Should Get Classic Lashes?

With volume lashes gaining popularity as celebrities often use them for red carpet events and photoshoots, Classic Lashes are less common. However, they are classic for a reason and continue to be used decades after their introduction to the beauty industry.

Classic Lash Extensions are often the best option for someone who already has dense lashes but wants to add some length. The thicker lashes used in Classic Set Lashes are also better when you have thicker, more coarse hair. This type of hair is able to support thicker extensions and classic lashes optimize that benefit.

Classic Lashes are also the way to go for anyone who wants a more natural look that is not quite so obviously an extension.

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Customizing Your Classic Lashes

Modern lash techniques let you further customize your lashes to suit your style and your eye shape. You can choose the length of your extension, the curl type and the overall shape.

Length: Typically, extensions can be up to 3 mm longer than your natural lashes. This length gives you plenty to work with without putting too much strain on your natural lashes.

Curl Type: Most natural lashes are quite straight. Adding curls to your extensions can brighten your eyes and make them appear wider.

Style: Different lash lengths are placed strategically to create different looks. Cat Eye Lashes place the longer lashes at the outer edge of your eye and gradually work down to smaller lashes. There are also Dramatic Lashes, Doll Eyelashes and Natural. Each of these types can be further customized to suit your eye shape.

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Preparing for Your Classic Set Lashes

The procedure for getting your extensions is simple and relaxing. Your OPLashes technician will have you lay down while they gently and precisely place your lashes. To ensure this process goes well, we encourage you to:

Avoid Mascara Before Your Appointment: Ideally, you will not put on mascara for 48 hours prior to your appointment. Waterproof and oil-based eye makeup are the worst as they often do not come off completely even with cleansing. If you do have makeup residue, your technician will clean it but this will add a bit of time to your appointment.

Wash Your Hair Before Your Appointment: Unless you do not tend to wash your hair for a few days at a time, it is best to wash it directly before your appointment. This is because you will need to avoid getting your new eyelashes wet for 24 hours after your appointment which will make showering difficult to impossible.

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