Give your lashes a nourishing boost with Lash Botox.

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What is Lash Botox?

Lash Botox is a keratin based topical treatment applied to your lashes. Keratin is a damage-resistant protein and is the primary component that makes up your natural lashes. By breaking down this protein into extra fine particles it can be used to infuse your lashes for a healthy, nourishing treatment. Nourished lashes are also better able to support extensions and other lash treatments.

Is Lash Botox for Extensions?

Lash Botox is exclusively used for your natural lashes to give them a boost. Because there are oils in Lash Botox it may do more harm than good for synthetic lashes.

What’s in it?

Lash Botox is made mostly of keratin but there are also other important, nourishing ingredients including argan oil, strengthening proteins and hydrolyzed silk particles. Each of these components work together to strengthen your natural lashes.

Is it Safe?

Yes, unlike traditional Botox, Lash Botox is not a controversial procedure. It is generally considered safe and has few restrictions. However, it is always possible for a substance to create an allergic reaction. If you have exceptionally sensitive skin or allergies, we encourage you to speak with your OPlashes technician to discuss your concerns.

When to Get Botox Lashes

Botox lashes are often combined with a lash lift and tint.  A lash lift gives your natural lashes a permanent curl while the tint darkens them for a natural mascara look. When combined with the botox treatment, you optimize each element to get the absolute best from your natural lashes.

Why is it Called Lash Botox?

When reading the description of botox lashes, it may seem that the treatment has nothing in common with actual Botox. In many ways, this is accurate. However, lash botox is similar to other botox in that it works quickly and produces dramatic results. Still, it does not include needles and is far more affordable than traditional botox.

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Benefits of Lash Botox

Benefits of Lash Botox

Lash Botox is like a spa day just for your natural lashes. The formula conditions your lashes to make them look softer and thicker. It also:

  • Lifts lashes
  • Promotes growth
  • Improves appearance
  • Works to repair broken lashes
  • Hydrates and nourishes your lashes
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Lash Botox is best used when combined with a Lash Lift and Tint. These treatments work together to give you the best natural lashes possible. We recommend planning on a minimum of an hour for the appointment as it will take time for the lift to set and for the tint to process. Your OPlashes technician will discuss the timing in detail when you schedule your appointment.

If you have any questions about these services, we welcome you to contact us and schedule a consultation.

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