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What are 3D Volume Lashes?

3D Volume Lashes, also called Luxe Lashes or Mink Lashes, are attached to your natural lashes the same way classic lashes would be. Unlike classic lashes which attach 1 synthetic lash to 1 natural lash, 3D Eyelashes attach a fan of 3 synthetic lashes to each natural lash.

The 3D Lash Extensions fans are made of lashes that are about half the thickness of those that are used in classic lashes. By using more smaller lashes, you get a fluffier, more voluminous look.


What is Your Ideal 3D Lashes Look?

If you are new to lash extensions, you might assume that longer lashes are better. While longer can be good, it is often volume or even curl shape that make the most dramatic difference.

For example, do you feel like you can see your lashes from the side but that they disappear when you look at yourself straight on? If so, your lashes are likely quite straight and face downward.

You can achieve the best results by choosing a more dramatic curl and volume. By curling your lashes upwards, they will instantly be more visible from the front. If you were to increase the length without increasing the curl, they would still be angled downwards and not give you the results you want.


Are 3D Lashes Right for You?

3D Volume Lashes can create a stunning and eye-catching look but they can sometimes be difficult to work into a daytime look depending on your lifestyle. They can also be somewhat heavy for certain eyelash types. For example, if you already have thick eyelashes, your OPLashes technician may not apply 3D lashes to all your natural lashes.

3D Lashes can be great for those who have more sparse lashes, but thinner lashes may have a difficult time supporting multiple lashes. However, nearly all lashes can at least support 2D lashes which will also add significant volume.


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When to Definitely Get 3D Lashes

If you are getting lash extensions for a special occasion like a wedding, graduation or formal event, 3D Lash Extensions are the preferred choice. With their extra volume and fluffy look, they stand out in photographs in a way other lashes cannot. They will make your eyes look brighter and wider in both closeups and group shots.

3D Lashes can sometimes also be good for everyday wear for people who do have sparse lashes. If you have generally healthy lashes but they are not evenly distributed across your eyelid, 3D lashes can fill in gaps and give you a beautiful, defined look.

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How to Care for Your 3D Lashes

With proper care, your beautiful new lashes can last up to 90 days. They will naturally begin to fall out as your natural lashes fall out but this process can be slowed with a few simple techniques.

The 24 Hour Rule: As with any extensions, it is crucial to not get your new lashes wet for 24 hours after your appointment. While your lashes will be able to handle water after this point, for the first 24 hours the adhesive is vulnerable to coming loose. To help ensure you do not get them wet, we recommend taking a shower directly before your appointment and not taking another until after the 24 hour mark.

Use Extension Safe Products: Lash extensions do not mix well with oil-based or waterproof products. This includes mascaras and eyeliners but you should also avoid any oily products that go around the eyes. You should also choose an extension-friendly cleanser when you do need to clean them.

Gentle Brushing for the Win: Rubbing your eyes is natural but when you have extensions, you need to be careful. Instead of rubbing across your whole eye vigorously, gently pat your finger on your lids if you feel the need to rub. You can also use a small eyelash comb to alleviate itching and to straighten your lashes if they become tangled.

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