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How do 2D Lash Extensions Work?

Sets of 2D lashes use a 0.10mm thickness of lash. This is considerably thinner than the 0.15mm that are used for classic lash extensions. However, since two lashes are placed for every natural lash, you create more volume and a fluffier, layered look.


How do 2D Volume Lashes Look?

2D Volume Lashes create a balance between your natural and synthetic lashes. For many, this will create an enhanced but still natural look.


Other Considerations for Your 2D Lashes

Your 2D Lash Extension can be further personalized when you choose the length, curl shape and style.

Length: Similar to thickness, your natural lashes will determine the max length recommended for your eyes. Typically, your eyelashes can safely support 2D Lashes that are up to 3 mm or 20% longer than your natural lashes. Your OPLashes technician will be able to recommend the optimal length for your eyes that is safe and comfortable.

Curl Shape: Your 2D Lashes can be curled very slightly all the way up to a full “L” shape. Several factors go into deciding which will achieve your ideal look. For example, a tighter curl can make your eyelashes appear longer and fuller from the front without actually adding length.  The most dramatic “L” curl is not for everyone, but it can be perfect for hooded eyes, as it will stand out the most.

Style: The shape or style of your lashes is created by placing different lengths of lashes at different points. There are 4 basic styles: Natural, Cat Eye, Doll Eye and Glam/Dramatic. Cat Eyes have a gradual increase of length with the shortest lashes at the inner corner of the eye. Glam eyelashes are consistently long across the whole lid. Doll Eyes put the longest lashes towards the center of the lid. Finally, Natural Lashes follow the lengths of your natural lashes.

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Benefits of 2D Lashes

Easier for Your Natural Lashes To Support: 2D lash extensions can be good for many types of eyes because the lash type used is thinner than what is used with classic lash extensions. Thinner eyelashes are easier for your natural eyelash to support which reduces the chance of breakage and they can also be more comfortable.

Good for Thin Eyelashes: Additionally, 2D eyelashes give people who have thinner lashes more options. Classic lashes are limited by the number of natural eyelashes you have, but 2D lashes will double the number of lashes that can be placed. However, if you do have thin lashes and want a full, fan-like lash consider Hybrid of Volume lashes instead.

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