How Long Does A Lash Lift Last?

Women love to tweak and add spice to their beauty through an eyelash lift. This entails a procedure which is non-invasive that maintains the lushness of the lashes over a longer period as compared to curling and using a mascara. A lash lift darkens and makes the eyes look more attractive than ever. Aside from makeup, having permed lashes defines a woman’s look effortlessly.

A professional performs an eyelash lift and the procedure may usually take an hour. There are different solutions applied to the lashes to achieve the curl the customer always wanted. Lash lifts stay on for a certain period of time and prolonging its permed beauty depends on a woman’s eyelash care and maintenance.

The Process of A Lash Lift

An eyelash lift is done by an experienced technician. Before starting the procedure, the technician needs to check the length of the lashes which should not be less than 4 mm. There are some people who have short and brittle eyelashes in which an eyelash lift is not recommended or they need to wait for the lashes to grow for sometime. Another thing to consider before having a lash lift is the type of skin. For those who have sensitive skin, a patch test is usually considered. Some women have allergies and might be at risk for dermatitis which causes swelling and blisters around the eye region.

The eye area and eyelashes must also be void of oil or makeup to make the entire process smooth. A silicone mold is placed on the eyelid using natural or non-toxic glue. The mold or shield is the only thing that touches the skin. The technician then curls the eyelashes upward using the glue. Once all of the lashes stick to the mold and get separated, this reveals its real form. The perm solution is then applied to the lashes.

This solution stays on the roots, between the roots and the middle part of the eyelashes for about 10 to 15 minutes. This is done to avoid any damage on the tips of the eyelashes. Some customers with thinner strands of lashes take about five minutes. So this actually depends on the thickness of the strands of hair. The purpose of the perm solution is to make the hair malleable in which a setting solution (neutralizer) is added to re-harden the hair to make its new shape stay. This neutralizer helps prevent the lashes from being over processed which results in droop or becoming overly curly.

Since most women who seek for a lash lift have straight or a small curl, there are different mold sizes and shapes to choose from. After the neutralizer is removed, a conditioning solution is applied. For some women who want extra, lash tints are also available. The entire procedure takes an entire hour with the customer’s eyes closed all throughout the process.

Process of A Lash Lift

How Long A Lash Lift Lasts

A lash lift normally lasts for six to eight weeks, and even up to 10 weeks for other women. The technician always advises customers that the first 24 hours after the procedure is the most crucial. This determines how long the lash lift lasts. The longer the eyelashes set for the first 24 hours, the longer they will eventually last.

This also depends on the hair growth cycle of the eyelashes. Some have fast growing lashes while some don’t. Knowing how to take care of the lashes plays a major role on how long the lift lasts. Some technicians provide after care products (post 24 hours) to maximise those newly permed lashes. These may be mascaras, lash treatment oils or lash conditioners that can be applied regularly. Seek the advice from a dermatologist first before using the products so as not to compromise the eye area.

How to Maintain A Lash Lift

Lash lifts cost high in some salons and it would be a waste not to take good care of them. Once done, customers should follow the instructions given by the technician to ensure that the lash lift lasts long. Here are the things to consider to maintain a lash lift right after procedure:

  • Lashes should not get wet

After the procedure, the technician will tell the customer to avoid exposing the lashes to water or heat. These usually soften the cuticle of the lash and would prematurely remove the curl of your newly permed lashes. This includes washing the face, going to a sauna or swimming 24 hours after the procedure.

  • No sweaty activities

Hot yoga and other strenuous activities must be avoided 24 hours after the lash lift. Sweat may tamper the chemicals used on the lashes and will shorten the duration of the lift. 

  • Don’t sleep roughly

When sleeping, the face must not touch the pillows or bed. Sleeping on the back or not being rough is highly advised. Putting pressure on the lashes may destroy the perm in the first 24 hours after the procedure. 

  • No rubbing of eyes

To make sure that the newly permed lashes stay on longer, avoid playing or rubbing the eye area. This disrupts the lift and curl after the procedure. Let the lashes be and avoid touching them.

  • Avoid lash products for 24 hours

Makeup, eye serums, creams and other products should be avoided to maintain the lash lift. Oils and other creams may soften the eyelashes and prematurely remove the curl.

Get An EyeLash Lift Today

Knowing what an eyelash lift is and how it boosts a person’s overall confidence is definitely a must-have for women. It lasts long and maintaining it is not difficult to handle. Of course, to achieve a great lash lift, it should be done by professionals and from a reputable salon. The procedure is particularly near the eyes so utmost care and safety must be done. The customer must also follow advice from the technician so that the curl stays longer and will not be damaged.

Eyelash care products must be coming from an expert technician so as not to compromise the area of the eyes. Aside from that, an eyelash lift is a beautification treatment that needs to be discussed first before moving forward. If all is well, then a customer proceeds with the treatment at a preferred schedule.

To get a lash lift, you may schedule an evaluation with a professional eyelash technician by contacting O.P. Lashes at 1-647-424-1424.

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