What is An Eyelash Lift?

There are various treatment methods available that are meant to help women improve their physical appearances. Most of these treatments are safe, which makes them the desired options for most women. One of the famous non-invasive beautification treatments that women can get is called an eyelash lift. Just basing by its name, an eyelash lift is meant to improve the appearance of a woman’s eyelashes for long periods of time.

What Is An Eyelash Lift?

In simple terms, an eyelash lift is a type of treatment that is meant to improve the texture and look of a woman’s eyelashes. Compared to traditional ways of treating eyelashes, this is meant to give results that would stay for longer periods of time. One of the traditional methods involves manually curling the eyelashes and coating them with mascara. This method allows letting the results stay on a woman’s face only for a day.

It is important to remember that you should always remove any makeup every single night because the chemicals in makeup are not supposed to stay on your face for prolonged periods of time. An eyelash lift uses a keratin solution that is specially formulated to help curl your natural eyelashes. The reason why keratin is used for the treatment is because it is a type of protein that has high resistance to damage.

Our natural eyelashes are made of keratin, which makes it the perfect component to use. Many women prefer to partner this treatment with eyelash tinting. This is done so that you do not need to apply mascara on a daily basis. Eyelash tinting would make your eyelashes darker and more noticeable for longer periods of time as well.

Eyelash Lift With Eyelash Botox

For some salons, they offer an eyelash treatment that works well with eyelash lift and eyelash tint. This is called eyelash Botox. This is also a keratin-based product. The product is mixed with argan oil, hydrolyzed silk particles, and other strengthening proteins. This topical treatment is infused to the natural eyelashes to give them extra nourishment and ensures that they are kept healthy. Since the product is a topical treatment, women do not have to worry about getting injected with needles.

Prerequisites Of An Eyelash Lift

Since you want to ensure that any treatment you take should give you the best possible results, you must consider first if getting an eyelash lift will be right for you. It is highly recommended that before you decide to get treated, you should inquire first with an expert. A reputable salon has professional technicians who are ready to sit down with you and evaluate your situation if you should get an eyelash lift. You may refer below to some of the things that a technician will need to evaluate:

  • A technician will have to check if the lengths of your eyelashes reach the minimum requirement. For an eyelash lift to be effective, the length of your eyelashes should not be less than 4 mm. On normal occasions, eyelashes are 10 mm long. However, there may be cases wherein your eyelashes were damaged or cut and are not able to reach the minimum requirement. You may need to wait for your eyelashes to grow first before you can proceed with the treatment.
  • People with eye ailments may not be approved to go through the treatment. People who have undergone chemotherapy treatments recently will have to get approval from their doctors for them to be allowed to get eyelash lift treatments. Clients who have chronic dry eyes, active eye infections, trichotillomania, and conjunctivitis are not advised to undergo this eyelash treatment.
  • You will be given a patch test by your technician before you are approved to go on with the treatment. This test will determine if you have an allergic reaction to the products that will be applied on your skin and eyelashes. If you decide to also get an eyelash tint and Botox lift, then the technician will also have to consider this during the patch test. This is a safety requirement so that you do not risk getting sick after your treatment.
  • The technician will also need to check the type of hair you may have. It is known that if the hair on your head is difficult to curl, this would be the same with your eyelashes. It may take you a longer time to be under the treatment to ensure that it will be effective. Knowing this will help you decide on the schedule of your treatment since you may have to allot more time for your treatment session.

Benefits Of Getting An Eyelash Lift

Benefits Of Getting An Eyelash Lift

Some people who are not familiar with eyelash lift question if getting one is worth it. These people need to understand that once technicians have given their approval for their clients to undergo their respective treatments, then this just means that the eyelash lift treatment will be safe. Just like other beautification treatments, eyelash lift treatment has its own benefits and advantages. You may refer below to some of these benefits:

  • It is a treatment that clients will not experience any pain. Clients actually have soothing experiences when undergoing their respective lash lift treatments. For people that have sensitive eyes, they may feel some cringing during some steps of the treatment process, but they will feel minimal to no discomfort.
  • When clients go to reputable salons to get their eyelash lift treatments, they are assured that they will be able to get the best possible results. Expert technicians are trained to handle the treatment process efficiently and safely. These salons are known to use excellent-quality tools and equipment.
  • Compared to traditional ways of lifting and tinting of the eyelashes, this treatment method does not need so much maintenance. You will not waste time applying curls and mascara on your eyelashes on a daily basis. With an eyelash lift treatment, your natural eyelashes will not lose their curls for a significant amount of time.
  • Your beauty will not look unnatural since the treatment is done on your natural eyelashes. Compared to getting eyelash extensions, eyelash lift treatment is focused on enhancing your natural look. Your natural eyelashes will not be added with false or synthetic eyelash extensions.
  • If your eyelashes are light-colored, you can partner the eyelash lift treatment with an eyelash tinting. This will help give your eyelashes a darker and clearer tint.
  • Since you can get another eyelash lift treatment once your eyelashes go back to their natural form, you do not have to do anything to your eyelashes between treatments. You should avoid using waterproof mascara the whole duration since it can quicken the process for your eyelashes to lose their lift and curl.

Eyelash Lift Aftercare Tips

Since the result of your eyelash lift treatment is meant to last for a longer period of time, you should make sure that you take care of the immediate results. To prolong the quality of the result of your eyelash lift, you should consider the following tips:

  • After your treatment session, you should avoid exposing your eyelashes to any form of heat or water for at least 24 hours. Heat and water are known to soften the cuticle of your eyelash. This would prematurely remove the lift, tint, and the curl of your eyelashes. You should avoid showering, getting steam baths, going to saunas, and washing your face.
  • You should also avoid using some products that are known to smoothen and soften your eyelashes or hair for 24 hours. Some products you need to avoid include makeup, conditioner, shampoo, eye serums, and creams.
  • Avoid playing or rubbing your eyelashes. You should give your eyelashes time to get accustomed to the lift and curl.
  • Make sure that your face does not touch the pillow or bed when you go to sleep within 24 hours after your treatment. Make sure that you sleep on your back so that you avoid accidentally putting pressure on your eyelashes. During this time your eyelashes may still shape shift and may not follow the ideal shape if pressured during your sleep.

Get Your Treatment From A Reputable Salon

It cannot be stressed enough that you should only undergo eyelash treatment from a reputable salon. This is crucial since the application of the products is near your eyes. The process has to be done with extra care and with authentic products. You must avoid using unknown products because you do not know of the possible negative effects they may have on your eyes after your treatment procedure.

Always remember that an eyelash lift is a beautification treatment. You should not risk your health just to get a cheaper alternative. You must ensure that you discuss with an expert technician before proceeding with the treatment. These technicians will be the ones to determine if you are a good candidate for an eyelash lift treatment. If you want to schedule an evaluation with an expert eyelash technician, you may contact O.P. Lashes at 1-647-424-1424.

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