How Much Does Custom Eyelash Extensions Cost?

The beauty and fashion industry has developed various treatments for the beautification of women. With the rise of multiple social media platforms, women are able to showcase the effects of these treatments globally. One of the common treatments that women seek is the application of eyelash extensions. The popularity of this type of beauty treatment has significantly grown in recent years. Women have even gone as far as going for custom eyelash extensions. This article will be discussing this type of beauty treatment and its various costs.

What Are Custom Eyelash Extensions And Their Different Types?

Traditional eyelash beautification involves women manually curling their eyelashes and adding mascara to their faces. The issue women have with this is that it takes too much time to finish. With the application of eyelash extensions, women do not need to fix their eyelashes every single time. Eyelash extensions are known to be semi-permanent treatments since they involve applying fibers on your individual strands of natural eyelashes. By undergoing such treatment, your eyelashes look fuller and longer. Custom eyelash extensions give you options on how you would like the final result to turn out.  There are various types of eyelash extensions that you may choose from. You may refer below for details of these types:


o   This type of eyelash extension follows a 1:1 ratio. This means that a strand of eyelash is attached with a strand of synthetic eyelash. The synthetic eyelash has a thickness of 0.15 mm. The result of opting for this type of eyelash extension looks the same as if you were wearing premium quality mascara. The volume of the eyelashes depends on your natural eyelashes.


o   This is one of the volume type eyelash extensions. This follows a 2:1 ratio, which means that 2 strands of synthetic eyelashes will be attacked to a single strand of natural eyelashes. It is thinner than a classic extension with a thickness of 0.10 mm. But the end result would give your eyelashes more volume and make them look fluffier and layered. This is aimed to enhance the look of your natural eyelashes.


o   This is the type of extension that will give your eyelashes the fluffiest and fullest look. This is another type that is considered a volume eyelash extension. The technician uses a 3:1 ratio for this type. A fan of synthetic eyelashes is attached to each natural eyelash strand. The fan of synthetic eyelashes is made up of 3 strands of synthetic eyelashes that each has a thickness that is half of a classic eyelash extension.

Russian volume

o   This is a mix of a volume type of eyelash extension and the classic type. It alternates the use of classic eyelash extensions and the volume types of eyelash extensions. A classic eyelash extension is attached to a strand of natural eyelash. A fan of 2-3 synthetic lashes are then attached to the natural eyelash next to it. The classic eyelash extensions are created to be longer, while the volume extensions are shorter. The longer classic extensions give your eyelashes well-defined tips, while the volume extension makes your eyelashes fluffier.

The Different Eyelash Elements That Are Customizable

Familiarizing yourself with the different customizations that you can make with your eyelashes is important so that you will be ready with your desired look. You will be going over the different options with an expert technician, which means you will be advised on the design that would be based on certain characteristics of your eyelashes and overall appearance. In most cases, these technicians are trained to help you find your best possible look. You may refer to the following list regarding the different elements of eyelash extensions that may be customized to your liking:

Curl type

o   There are 3 types of eyelash curls that women may choose from. The best curl type may depend on the natural style of your eyelashes. The C curl is the softest curl that is available. With an appearance closer to the natural look of eyelashes, most women who are unsure on which curl type to use would usually opt for this type. For those who prefer to have a more radiant and dynamic appearance, they may choose the D curl. This type has the tightest curl. The last style of curl available is the L+ curl. Women who have natural lashes that are straight or point downwards are advised to go for this curl type. This is meant to give the eyelashes a gorgeous lift.


o   The technician usually advises you on the recommended length of your eyelash extensions. It is important to remember that the length of your natural eyelashes will determine the limit on how long your extensions can be. Usually, your natural eyelashes can support extensions that are 20% longer than them.


o   There are various kinds of styles that you may choose from. You may inquire from your technician which would best fit you. The most common style that women choose is the cat eyelash extension. It is considered to be a classic. The extensions become longer as it gets closer to the farthest strands of your eyelashes. Another common style is called the doll eyelashes. This is the opposite of the cat eyelash extension. The extensions gradually become shorter as they reach the farthest strands of your eyelashes.

Eyelash Extensions Style

Important Things To Know About The Application Process

The length of the application process may take you at least 2 hours. It may take longer depending on the customizations you have chosen and the volume of your natural eyelashes. The process is fairly simple as you will be taking a nap while the technician is applying your chosen extensions. However, there are important things you must remember before and after your extensions are applied. Below are some of the things that you should consider to ensure that your extensions will not go to waste:

  • Before the application process begins, you will be required to remove your makeup and mascara. You must make sure that your eyelashes have not been curled beforehand since the technician needs to work on your eyelashes while they are in their natural form. It is recommended that you do not apply any products on your face before you go to the salon. This will ensure that you will not take up so much time cleansing your face at the salon.
  • After your treatment, you should not get your eyelashes wet in the next 6 hours. This will ensure that the adhesive used will be able to bond properly.
  • You must avoid going to spas, saunas, and swimming pools at least 24 hours after your extensions have been applied.
  • As much as possible, you should avoid putting pressure on your eyelash extensions. You should not pull, curl, or rub your eyelashes to avoid detaching the extensions from your natural eyelashes.
  • Eyelash extensions will not fall off from the natural eyelashes if they are left alone. Your eyelashes follow a natural growth cycle. It may take up to 6 weeks before your natural eyelashes may fall off and replaced with new ones. When the time has come that your eyelashes will fall off naturally, the extensions will go along with them, and this may be the time for you to set a new schedule with your preferred technician.
  • Mascaras can be used to partner with your eyelash extensions. However, you must make sure you are using water-based mascaras. In addition, you should apply mascara from the middle of your eyelashes up to the tip. Do not let the mascara reach the root area of your eyelash.
  • Removal of the eyelash extensions should only be done by a professional. If the process of removal is done incorrectly, you may damage your natural eyelashes.

Cost Of Custom Eyelash Extension Application

The prices of getting eyelash extensions within Ontario may differ among the salons. These factors include the raw materials used to create the extensions, the level of training the technicians have received, and the location of the salon. It is highly advised that you get your extensions done in reputable salons so that your extensions will be able to last for up to 6 weeks. To give you an idea on the average cost it may take for you to get a specific type of eyelash extension, you may refer to the list below:

  •       Classic eyelash extension: CAD 130
  •       Russian volume eyelash extension: CAD 160
  •       2D volume eyelash extension: CAD 190
  •       3D volume eyelash extension: CAD 190

Applying Custom Eyelash Extensions Is Safer And More Efficient

One of the advantages of using eyelash extensions is that they pose fewer risks for you to get allergies. This makes it a better alternative to mascaras that are composed of chemicals that may cause negative reactions to your body. Another thing that makes eyelash extensions more cost-effective is the fact that you do not have to apply products to your eyelashes until the time comes that your natural eyelashes fall off due to their growth cycles. You do not have to worry that your customized extension will lose its quality since it is made of synthetic material. If you are looking for a salon with highly-trained technicians in applying custom eyelash extensions, then you should call O.P. Lashes at 1-647-424-1424.

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