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Custom Eyelash Extensions

Do you want a brighter, fresher look everyday even without makeup? O.P.STUDIO eyelash extensions instantly make your eyes look wider, more awake, and refreshed with minimal effort. O.P.STUDIO offers a full range of lash extensions including Classic Lashes for a subtle, well-defined look and big, bold Volume Lashes. Whether you want to create a romantic wedding look, a fresh everyday style or a bold, Insta-ready gaze, O.P.STUDIO has the perfect lash extensions for you!


Lash Lift With Botox

Your lashes are made almost entirely of keratin, an important protein that is more resistant to damage than other cell types. With Lash Botox, this keratin-based treatment strengthens your lashes and supports your eyelashes’ natural structure. By breaking down the keratin into ultra fine particles, your lashes are able to absorb this protein, leaving them nourished and naturally fuller.

Lash Botox is most often combined with a Lash Lift and Tint to optimize the appearance of your natural lashes. The Lift curls your lashes while the Tint darkens them and the Botox cream further amplifies the fullness of your lashes. With the added strength from the Botox treatment,, your lashes are better able to retain their shape, color and volume.

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Nano Brows Powder Tattoo

Is it your desire to have naturally looking, rich and full-bodied eyebrows? Then your solution is Powder Tattoo Eyebrow Shaping – breakthrough technology and method utilized by the finest beauty and cosmetology salons.

After a light preparation effort, you will experience the application of pigmentation to the previously constructed eyebrow architecture area with use of an industry-leading pigmentation appliance. Some would consider this an apparatus-based procedure; others say this is a hand application method; finally, some have equated this procedure to traditional tattoo art application. To clarify this misconception, please note that powder pigmentation is applied via an electronic device that resembles in shape and function of a marker or highlighter. The tip of the device is, in fact, equipped with a needle like applicator, function of which is to gently deposit the powdering pigment into the outer layers of skin surface (epidermis).

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Lash Lift

Most eyelashes grow in straight, sticking out from the eyes. Whether you have thin or thick eyelashes, curling these straight lashes  upwards will instantly give your eyes a brighter, more youthful appearance. With a Lash Lift, you get weeks of perfectly curled lashes without the use of a lash curler or any other daily products.

A Lash Lift can be a good alternative to extensions for people who want a lower-maintenance option. With a Lift, your own natural lashes are given a boost. This can be ideal for anyone who wants to maintain a natural appearance but still wants to look their best.

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Nano Eyeliner Powder Tattoo

Expertly applied eyeliner can brighten your eyes and give you a fresh look without any makeup. When you choose an eyeliner tattoo, your eyes will look more open and youthful without the hassles of applying traditional eyeliner.

The whole process takes around two hours including the time it takes to gently numb the area. After this time investment, you will get a year or more of beautifully defined lashes without having to apply eyeliner everyday.. Choose a tight line style eyeliner to enhance your lashes right at the root for subtle definition. You can also choose to have the eyeliner applied above the lashes for a stand-out eyeliner look.

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Nano Lips Powder Tattoo

A permanent tattoo on your lips will give you the appearance of a perfectly applied lipstick without the chance of smudging. When your lips are tattooed, the process is similar to how you would tattoo other areas but the products are different. Instead of tattoo ink, finely colored powder pigments are used. These allow for a more natural look compared to tattoo ink.

Tattooing pigment into your lips can shorten your makeup routine and eliminate the need to reapply lipstick throughout the day. The pigment can also be used to better expand or define the outline of your lips. To maintain that vibrant color, a touchup is usually required every few months.

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training lashes


Learn from the experts how to provide safe, effective cosmetic procedures that give beautiful, long-lasting results. Choose from our range of courses including everything from eyelash extensions, tints and lifts to lip tattooing with professional, powder pigments.

With each training course, you are provided with expert demonstration and instruction. You will also have the opportunity to work on a live model to further perfect your craft. Complete our range of classes and then move onto our master classes which teach even more advanced techniques.

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Get the romantic, dreamy look of luxury with our volume enhancing eyelash extensions. We offer several volume enhancing eyelash extensions ranging from subtle, everyday looks to dramatic, runway ready styles.

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To pump up the volume on your natural lashes, choose from these options:

Why Choose O.P.STUDIO

All-Inclusive Packages: We offer competitively priced eyelash extension packages so you can get a look you and your wallet will love.

Health and Safety: Health is beauty at O.P.STUDIO and this is why we meet and exceed industry-leading practices for sanitation.

Personalized Care: Our experienced Eyelash Technicians will recommend fully personalized eyelash extensions to give you the look, confidence, and comfort you deserve.

2D Eyelash Extensions

2D lash extensions create the perfect mix of definition and fullness. With 2D lashes, a synthetic lash is expertly placed on either side of each of your natural lashes. This creates a multidimensional look that is much fuller in volume than your natural lashes.

  • How it Works: Each of your natural lashes is used to support the additional lashes on either side, creating volume but also leaving enough definition that they can appear natural. We use a 0.10 mm thickness of lash that will help optimize coverage without weighing down your lashes. This thickness of lash is thinner than classic lash extensions but thicker than those used in Volume (3D) lashes.
  • The Look: 2D lash extensions are a luxe volume solution that can take your look from day to night with ease. As the volume is dependent on your natural lashes, the end result is typically quite natural with a subtle drama.
  • When to Choose 2D lash extensions: Because this style of lash extensions works with your own natural lashes, the number of extensions that are applied is limited by the number of natural lashes you have. This can create a beautiful, high-volume look for many clients who have a fair number of lashes and even distribution. However, those who have fewer than average lashes or who have gaps or unevenness in their natural lashes will get the greatest benefit from our full volume or hybrid lashes.
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3D Eyelash Extensions

3D Lashes, often referred to simply as Volume Lashes or Russian Volume Lashes, make even sparse natural lashes look full and luxurious. Similar to 2D lashes, this style increases the volume further by placing three lashes to a single natural lash. For those with fewer natural lashes, this solution can give you the volume that classic lashes cannot.

  • How it Works: 3D lashes expertly place three synthetic lashes on each of your natural lashes. This is similar to the 2D application but there is more of a layering look and application as the lashes will overlap to produce greater coverage and density.
  • The Look: 3D lashes create a soft, fluffy and voluminous look to your lashes.For those with naturally dense lashes, this style of lash can create a lash that appears almost solid and with minimal definition. It is ideal for framing the eye and will hold up well to dramatic makeup looks or glam up a natural look. A thin and light 0.07 mm thickness lash is used for this look to give you volume without excessive weight.
  • When to Choose 3D Lashes: For those with average lash coverage over their eyelid, Volume eyelash extensions are best suited for when you want maximum drama in your look. While 3D lashes can be comfortably worn with everyday looks, they are especially well-suited for special occasions like weddings, graduations, and formal events.
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Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic for a reason, these lashes produce light volume without losing definition. Subtle enhancement for an everyday glam look that can also make evening looks shine.

  • How it Works: Classic lashes use a 1:1 ratio of placing a single synthetic lash alongside each of your own lashes. With classic lash extensions, a thicker lash style is used compared to 2D and 3D lashes. Here, the thickness is 0.15 mm which is more than twice what is used in 3D lashes. This gives you added thickness to your natural lashes while still maintaining great definition.
  • The Look: Classic lashes are well defined and produce a look that is like your own lashes but better. These are often subtle enough that they will seem natural but also make your eyes appear brighter and more defined even without additional makeup.
  • When to Choose Classic Lashes: Classic lashes are best suited for clients who have an even, dense coverage of natural lashes across their eyelid. For those with average to dense coverage of natural lashes, a classic set can produce a look that is similar to a volume set.
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Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Also known as American Volume Lashes, this lash style creates a hybrid look that is part Russian Volume (3D) and Classic Lash Extensions. For the most famous example of this unique lash, look to style icon Kim Kardashian who popularized Mixed Volume Lashes with her dramatic makeup looks that include ultra-thick lashes that are also well defined at the ends.

  • How it Works: Mixed Volume Lashes are a mix of volume-enhancing lashes and classic lashes. Thinner lashes, like the ones used in 3D lashes, are placed across the lid to create voluminous fan shapes that full volume lashes are known for. Thicker, classic lash extensions are then also added to produce well defined individual lashes. Most commonly, there is an even split between classic and volume lashes but this can be customized to produce even more personalized looks.
  • The Look: Mixed Volume Lashes have become wildly popular for celebrities who want a less uniform look than Russian Volume Lashes but still want the luxurious density of those lashes. The end result is a lash that has a natural shape and feel to it but is much thicker than natural lashes or classic lashes.
  • When to Choose Mixed Volume Lashes: Mixed volume lashes are extremely versatile lash extensions. They suit a variety of makeup looks and eyes types. Because they can be highly customized, they are good for both sparse natural lashes and more dense coverage. Though hybrid eyelash extensions employ multiple types of lashes, they do not necessarily attach synthetic lashes to each individual lash. By leaving some lashes without synthetic lashes, the look is even more natural.
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How to

Prep For Your Eyelash Extensions

The best way to come to your eyelash extension appointment is with a clean, fresh face and no makeup, especially eye makeup. While it might be tempting to apply your daily eye cream before coming, this may leave a greasy residue that will need to be wiped away before we can begin. Also skip the mascara, eyeliner and even eyelash curling before coming in. Pre-curled eyelashes are harder to work with and will need to be wetted and dried before we can get started.

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What We Do

After Your Appointment

eyelashes treatment

Eyelash extensions are applied easily and without pain so there is no downtime or healing after. However, you will want to avoid oil-based/waterproof mascaras while you have lash extensions because this formula can affect the adhesive used to attach your lashes. Water-based mascaras are totally fine though!

Generally, your new lash extensions will function just the way your natural lashes do. Since they are attached to your natural lashes, they will also shed at the same rate. To help extend the time your lash extensions stay in, you will want to treat your lashes gently. This includes using lash extension-friendly products, cleaning them daily, and getting refills regularly.

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At O.P.STUDIO we believe health is beautiful. This is why we take industry-leading precautions with sanitation and allergen considerations to minimize the risk of adverse reactions to our lash extensions and adhesives. For your safety, our services include:

rquipment sanitization

Industry Leading Sanitation

Our work stations and tools are fully sanitized between each client with a variety of cleaning methods including heat sterilization and disinfectants.

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personal consultation

Personal Consultation

Your personal consultation will not only include the look you want to achieve but also go over your allergens and if you have had extensions before. Your O.P.STUDIO technician will also examine your lashes to determine the best volume and type of lashes for you as some natural lashes may not be able to support certain styles of extensions.

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experienced technician

Experienced Eyelash Technicians

Each of the technicians who work in our salon are trained in best practices, sanitation and customization options to ensure your lashes not only look beautiful but make you feel comfortable and confident.

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Eyelash Extensions in Vaughan Consultation

O.P.STUDIO offers a full range of eyelash extensions in Vaughan. Our eyelash extension services include high-quality synthetic and natural eyelash extensions in customizable styles, lengths and thickness. Our experienced eyelash technicians are trained to help you choose the best eyelash extensions styles for you. Book your consultation today!

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